the difference between speed dating and dating a london escort

Since I finished my London escorts career, I have been trying to find the right man for my needs. One of the men that I used to date at London escorts was into speed dating in a big way and he told me to give it a try. Well, I had spent a year looking for the right man for me, I was about ready to give up. No, I was not really a believer in speed dating, but at that stage, I was ready to give up, and move away from the area. What on earth was I doing wrong? I had enjoyed very successful London  escorts at Charlotte St Albans Escorts career and felt that I was losing the plot in some way.


The speed dating session was going to take place in a bar in London. It was rather a famous bar because a lot of Concorde pilots used to hang out there. Of course, Concorde is out of service now, and I really did not  fancy my chances of meeting a former Concorde pilot. Besides, I would imagine that most of them would be rather old by now. Also, what would a girl who used to work for a London escorts have in  common with a pilot. I was not sure even though I had dated a few at London escorts.


I looked around the room, and noticed that most of them  men were huddled together. To me it felt very much like a meat market. However, there was one guy sitting on a bar stool on his own. He was wearing a white polo shirt and was texting someone on his mobile. Was he young? It was hard to tell. I thought that I had become very good at judging a man’s age during my time at London escorts but apparently not. It did not matter, I was 35 years old myself and had actually worked as a mature escort for a while at my former London escorts service.


To my surprise, the guy seemed to be there for the speed dating session. He sat down at the one of the tables, and I have o admit that he looked a little bit ill at ease. I sort of kept looking at him, and as the session moved on, I felt that I wanted to get to talk to him. When I finally got a chance to sit at his table, I immediately noticed the emblem on his polo shirt. It was Concorde in full flight. I smiled at him, and asked him if it was his ice breaker. It made him laugh and he said that it was the best thing someone had said to him all night. Well, when you work for a London escorts service, you sort of know how to start a conversation.


A couple of hours later, we were still talking. Yes, he used to be a Concorde pilot. Apparently Concorde pilots started to train early on in the careers, and he was rather young when Concorde was taken out of service. He had just turned 51 and was flying other planes for the airline. We had so much in common, but I did not dare to tell him about London escorts. Like so many other girls at London escorts, I had a cover job during my entire career with the escort agency in London. I had been working on a top cosmetics counter on Saturdays, and now it was my everyday job. This was one man that I was not letting of that easily.

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