Misconceptions About London Escorts

I know that many men have misconceptions about London escorts at Charlotte West London escorts. One of the things that I come across a lot is what I call the blonde misconception. No matter what, men often assume that blonde London escorts are going to be a bit dippy. When it comes to business dating, it is still more popular to ask out brunettes. It is all a bit silly because most blondes that I know are just smart and savvy as brunettes. But yet, blondes like myself mainly get taken to cocktail bars where we are expected to spend hours looking sexy while casting the man we are with admiring glances.


That is not the only misconception men have about escorts. I have met a lot of men who presume that foreign ladies are more broad-minded than English companions. That is not true at all. There are fewer English companions around so I really can’t see how men can compare the two. I am sure that if you looked at the same figures, and compared 100 English women to 100 foreign women, you would find that the statistics would work out about the same.


Are all London escorts born to be sex kittens? Not all London escorts are born sex kittens. Many of the girls who now work as elite escorts in London have come from other walks of life and have had to work hard to become top class escorts. No matter what you say it does not seem that many consider working for a London escorts agency as a profession. But unless you are professional about it, you are not going to make. Working for London escorts is totally different from any other job you can have in London, however, it is still important to have a professional attitude towards escorting.


Do London escorts take drugs? This is something else that I hear being banded about a lot. For some reason, both men and women outside of London escorts assume that we come from tough family backgrounds and are involved with drugs. Most of the girls at the escort agency I work for in London come from regular family backgrounds. I have never taken drugs, and I think that 9 out of 10 London escorts are against drugs and drug taking. Some girls even work for escort agencies in London to save money up to go to university or college.


I think that people who are not involved with London escorts really need to inform themselves better about what London escorts do. It is not really the sort of thing you talk about, but just because you don’t talk about it, it does not mean the profession does not exist. I think that there will always be escorts in London. I only wish that we would get some sort of official recognition like our counterparts in countries such as Holland and France. As we all know, courtesans, or Parisians escorts, are appreciated in what I would call fine circles. And in Holland, escorting is recognised as a profession and has its own tax code. It is about time London escorts were given equal status.

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