My only option for escaping my sex-addicted husband was to engage in an open relationship.

Get him help, he’s an addict.

It was only after we had been married for a few months that I realized my husband was a sex addict. Our marriage started off as a typical one, and I had no idea what was in store for us. We first crossed paths while I was still employed by London Escorts; in fact, I left my position at a top escort agency in London to be with my spouse. As a London escort at City of Eve Escorts, I can say with confidence that I am not alone in having experienced the “professional hazard” of falling in love with a client.

I was still getting acclimated to life outside of London escorts and finding my footing in the first year of our marriage. It was a bit of a change from starting my London escorts job in the middle of the day to getting up so early in the morning. I managed to get a part-time work in the end, and it was a huge assistance in adjusting to my new way of life. I was also aware that something was off in our marriage.

My husband was just your typical hunk who desired a stylish companion on business occasions when we first met at London escorts. What transpired surprised me somewhat because I never expected to develop love feelings on one of my London escorts dates. However, the realization that my husband was succumbing to sex addiction and unable to focus on anything else horrified me more than anything else.

I had expected very little after my job in London escorts, but my spouse proved me wrong. He had never before encountered anything like the abrupt shift in his conduct. We were attending London sex parties before I realized it; it was as if he had developed an addiction to sex. Although I am unsure of how it all began, I do recall that one of the London escort females mentioned having sex parties with us and extended an invitation. Although my husband and I had a good time, this sex party really got to him. It was as if he transformed into a young man who had just found the joy of having sex, about 1989.

My husband has been completely preoccupied with sexual matters ever since that incident. I am embarrassed to admit that our marriage has become more open since I have been unable to keep up with him. I just don’t have the stamina to do everything, and I really enjoy my side gig. I am currently caught up in a really hot marriage, but it’s not exactly a loving one, and I miss the girls at London Escorts a lot. When I said “I do” to London escorts and said “I do” to my husband, it was truly not my goal.

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