There is certainly something very special about Chelsea escorts.

If you start reading some of the reviews left by their dates you will release that Chelsea escorts from leave no man disappointed. I often review escorts web sites, and what struck me about Chelsea escorts was their bust size. All the ladies on the sites seemed to have very generous boobs, and I found myself wondering if there were men with hands big enough to do the job.



Something else that struck me about the Chelsea escorts was their international flavor. The girls in Chelsea seem to come from allover the world. This is probably one of the places where you can travel around the world without going anywhere. Well, okay you may need to take a taxi to an escort’s apartment but you could literally meet girls from all over the world in Chelsea.



Anyway, I am knew to the Chelsea area , so I decided to meet up with a few of the Chelsea escorts available. I am not going to tell you about of the girls that I met up with because quite honestly I like to keep some of them to myself, if you get my drift.






Rita is gorgeous, vivacious Brazilian blonde who works for one of the premier agencies in Chelsea. I had a really busy day so I sort of arranged our date at the very last minute. As a matter of fact, Rita only had 15 minutes to get ready for me and I was a bit worried about that. However, I needn’t have been. When Rita opened the door she was as fresh as they come, and rearing to go.



She asked me in very politely and invited me to have a shower before the fun started. I am a bit of a boob man, and this is the reason I arranged a date with Rita. She has the most amazing boobs and I must admit I spent a lot of time looking at her boobs all through our date.


To be honest her boobs were almost a bit more I could handle, and at times I did not know what to do with myself. Anyway, I managed to survive our hour together and I would love to see her next time I am in town.






Paula was my second date during my time in London. She is a gorgeous petite Italian girl with amazing boobs once again. My date with her was a bit more planned but I did arrive five minutes late due to heavy traffic. Would you believe it – she smacked my bum! First of all she sat me down to have a relaxing drink as she thought I was a bit stressed. It is true, I really was stressed that day.



She carried on to give me the most sensual massage and every so often I felt her massive bosom brush part of my anatomy and it was just an amazing experience. Would I date her again? Yes, next time I feel stressed, I would certainly date her again and enjoy a massage.






On Thursday evening I was in a really playful mood and contacted the agency to see if they had any playful escorts. I was not to be disappointed. They arranged a date for me with lovely Kasandra, and she was really into role play. I had never tried role play before but she made it really fun and we had a great time together.



Okay, she did not have such large boobs as the other two Chelsea escorts but we had a great time together and I would love to see her again.



Booking Chelsea escorts is easy and the next time you visit you should try it for yourself.

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