What do escorts get up to after work?

It is well known that most escorts are rather street smart and good in business. We thought it would be fun if we could find out a little bit more about what the girls do after work. Recently, we heard that Slough escorts from https://charlotteaction.org/slough-escorts have put together their own business. Three of the girls have got together to start their own little shop in the center of Slough. As we know Slough is full of shoe shops, so it had to be something different. On this occasion the girls have started a shop called Pick and Mix Beauty.

We caught up with Angie who is one of the three Slough escorts who are involved in the business and asked her what their motive was behind the business. “To be fair we appreciate that we are not going to be escorts forever”, says Angie. Escorting is fun but it has a few limitations as well. But, s we have heard a bit of extra money, we thought it would be fun to invest it in a local business. We went through some ideas and came up with the idea for Pick and Mix Beauty. It just seemed fun.

So, what is Pick and Mix beauty all about? It is a really simple business concept, says Angie. All women, including Slough escorts, like beauty. We like to look good in our average day lives but we don’t want to spend a fortune to do so. So, we came up with the idea of a discount beauty retailer. This is basically what Pick and Mix Beauty is all about. You can go in and buy cheap nail polishes and lipstick from £2 each. We also do an offer where you can pick up six items for £10. The concept seems to have gone down very well in Slough.

We bought the shop and the great thing is that it has two entrance, says Angie. You can access a top floor from a separate entrance so we have turned that into a rental unit. At the moment it is being rented as a yoga studio and the lady is doing really well. As a matter of fact, most Slough escorts go for their yoga classes there and it is proving to be a popular hang out. We did the upstairs floor out really nicely and it was easy to get a tenant.

It isn’t just Slough escorts who have business ideas. Many of the other escorts around the UK also run their own business. The escorts that we have spoken to do appreciate that they are not going to be escorting for ever and it is important to have a bank up plan. If you can pool your ideas and resources, you can often come up with some suitable alternatives. It sounds like the girls in slough are doing really well and I wonder what other good ideas they will come up with in the future. Perhaps they will open a discount shoe shop…

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