The main reasons why first dates go terribly wrong 

As dating experts London escorts have a lot of experience in going on first dates. This is what makes them so good at organising first dates. Every time I go on a first date with someone new I always cool my girlfriends from London escorts at to help me organise something spectacular. There was one time that I didn’t actually call my friends from London escorts to help me and my first date and I still regret it to this day.


Hi Mr Charming man in the lobby of the hotel where I was saying for a conference for work his name was Samuel. Samuel had also come for the same conference but he worked in a different company on the other side of town. The moment we first saw each other we were instantly attracted to each other apparently he likes small petite blondes and I definitely love tall skinny brunettes.


During one of the breaks of the conference I accidentally on purpose bumped in to Samuel at the coffee table. My friends in London escort say that I am a geek for doing that but I could not stop thinking about him throughout the whole conference I just had to talk to him. For some reason I was full of confidence that day so I just came out and asked him would you like to go out on a date. He immediately responded yes and secured that evening for our first date.


Now London escorts say you need to get to know The person who you ask me out before you arrange any dates that you can actually tailor the date to something that they enjoy it which will make it more memorable for them. Well I totally ignored that advice and found myself in a situation where I knew nothing about Samuel just that we were meeting that night at 8:30 pm. I figured if we go to a restaurant there’s bound to be things that both of us would enjoy eating. I figured I could just charm him with my impressive vocabulary and we were just talk about work and the conference. Every time I tell that part of the story London escorts chuckle at me and say that I am so naive.


When it goes that saying that the evening started and ended terribly. I booked a restaurant one that was recommended online but when we got there they didn’t have much on the menu for vegans. Of course Samuel was vegan and he literally ended up eating side fries for the entire night. I could tell he was annoyed by this however I tried to calm his annoyance by talking about work and the conference. He didn’t find any of this interesting at all and I could soon see clearly on his face that he was literally counting down the seconds until he had to leave.


I guess London escorts were right you need to always know the person who you going out on a first date with so you can make the best impression.

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