Is your sex keeping you from growing as a couple

When you want to make the most out of your relationship, it is important to make sure you grow as a couple. If your relationship is all about sex,  it is not very likely you will grow together as a couple. I have been in all sorts of relationships, and I have also learned a lot from others when I have been with London escorts of One of the things that I have learned is that the couples who do not focus on sex seem to have better relationships. It may not apply to all the men I date at London escorts, but I think that it is true for many.


My first tip would be to make sure you have something in common with your partner apart from sex. When you are first together, sex is often a major player in any relationship. To keep your relationship going, and make your life together interesting, you really need to have something else to do together. Perhaps you could take up a hobby which is of interest to both of you. I have always found that the guys I really like at London escorts are the ones that I have something in common with when we are out on dates. Most London escorts would tell you the same thing.


It could be that you find you both have an interest in classic cars for instance. In that case, there are a number of clubs you can join. If both of you like going out in the car and have some fun, you will find your relationship will be much stronger. Sure, not all of the men I date at London escorts who have something in common with their partners are happy, but the majority of them are happy. When you work for a London escorts agency for any length of time, you soon get a sense of what works and what does not work.


What should you do if you find you don’t have anything in common? If you both find you have nothing or little in common, you really don’t have much of a relationship. It could be best to call it quits. You may, for instance, find that you are both dating London escorts to make your life more exciting. It is not always easy to know what to do. I have met both men and women who date London escorts. All have been busy pretending that nothing is wrong with their relationships. In fact, their relationships have been major disaster zones.


Yes, you really need to have something more in common than sex. It is great if you have something in common from the outset of the relationship. If that is not the case, and you do want to be together, it is best to find something in a hurry. Yes, it is great to have kids, but one day, those kids will grow up and leave you to it. What will happen then? Most of the men I date at London escorts have adult kids and have left their wives, or their wives have left them. What does that tell you about their relationships?

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